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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Audiobook Review: Torn by Kim Karr, Narrated by Veronica Meunch and Christian Fox

The Connections series by Kim Karr is one of my favorite contemporary series that I have ever read. I really love all the characters and I find them all really interesting. Each character is unique and deep, and I love that Kim Karr has made them so real by giving them to us flaws and all. After reading and loving Torn, I really wanted more of my favorite characters so I couldn't wait to be able to hear their story.Torn has the same narrators from the Connected Audiobook, and I thought that Veronica Meunch and Christian Fox did a great job again with Torn.

Torn picks up after the shocking events in Connected, and the reader quickly finds out more about where the cliffhanger left off. Now that we know Ben is not really dead and has returned home, River and Dahlia are both left to wonder what the future holds for all of them. Dahlia thought that Ben was the one for her, but after his death she reconnected with River and they discovered a connection unlike anything they had ever felt before. Even though Dahlia needs to know about what really happened with Ben, she is committed to River and determined to show him that Ben being back changes nothing between them. But even though River knows how Dahlia feels about him, he is also scared that now that Ben is back things will change. With Ben determined to get back everything he had before, including Dahlia, will River and Dahlia be able to get through everything and have a future together? Or will the obstacles in their way tear them apart?

River and Dahlia are some of my all time favorite book characters. I really love both of them, and I love how perfect they are for each other. They are so different from any other characters I have ever read before, and I really loved seeing the narrators continue to bring their story to life. This book is so much more emotional than the first, and both River and Dahlia are struggling with what their new circumstances mean for their relationship. I felt like Veronica Meunch and Christian Fox did such a great job of really showing the emotion and turmoil that these characters are feeling. Their narration made everything so realistic, and listening to the audiobook almost felt like you were really a part of what these characters were going through.

I really thought that Veronica Meunch and Christian Fox were great narrators for this story. They were clear and easy to understand. They were also able to do multiple characters well so that they listener always knew who was talking. I thought that Christian did a great River, but he also does a really great job at Ben as well. Veronica Meunch continued to show that she is great at Dahlia as well, and I really thought that she was one of the better female narrators that I have listened to so far. I am really enjoying these two in this series, and I really hope that they will continue to narrate the audiobooks for the Connections series. They do such a great job of bringing Kim Karr's fabulous books to life, and I really think that they are the perfect pair of narrators for these books.

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Review: Reasonable Doubt Full Series by Whitney Garcia Williams

Fan-freaking-tastic! I freaking LOVED this book. Real life fell to the wayside as I could not put this book down! From the very first page I found myself immersed in the world and the characters that the author created. I have been hearing things for awhile now about Reasonable Doubt and how good that it was and how hot and oh my goodness everything I heard was all of that and so much more. This book is hot but not only that it's oh so good. I thoroughly enjoyed Andrew and his sexy cockiness.

Let me tell you that this book is HOT and some of the things that come out of Andrew's mouth had me blushing and fanning my face because oh my sexy! He's raunchy and cocky and kind of an ass but despite that I still really liked him. I knew there just had to be more to him than this nonchalant front he puts off. I found myself turning the pages to see what made him tick and to see more of him.

As for Aubrey I really liked her and I liked the fact that she stands up for herself. Yes she still seems to always give in to Andrew but she's not compliant and a pushover. She gives as good as she takes.

I really liked these two together. They are hot, sexy and the chemistry between them is explosive. I loved watching these two come together and realize their true feelings for one another.

I seriously loved this book and hope to read more from this author in the future.

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Fall into Romance Event with Roxanne Snopek

Roxanne Snopek is a former veterinary nurse, aerobics instructor, dog trainer, H&R Block tax preparer, florist assistant, ice-cream shop server and cosmetics salesperson. With such wildly uncommitted career interests, writing novels was a natural choice for this book-lover, and she’s grateful every day that she gets to do it! Her work has travelled much farther than she has, with articles and books translated into more than ten languages, and audio rights currently under negotiation.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Review: Tied by Emma Chase

*sigh* What a perfect ending to an all around fantastic series. From the first page to the last I was hooked and I couldn't seem to put this book down. I loved it. I can't tell you how much I've come to like these characters, especially Drew. He makes me laugh and that is no easy feat when it comes to books. But with this series I just can't help but have a smile on my face and with Tied there was no exception. I laughed quite a bit and I'll even admit that I teared up a few times. I'm sad that the series is over but I am completely satisfied with how things ended.

I will say throughout most of the book my anxiety level was high. I was worried something crazy would happen and with the way I've come to care about these characters I wasn't sure if I could handle anything crazy. I can safely say that you do not need to worry. Yes, crazyness does ensue but nothing that you won't be able to recover from. Honestly, I laughed my way through this one.

Fans of the series won't want to miss this one. It's the perfect ending not only for Drew and Kate but everyone else we've all come to love. I think Emma Chase did a fantastic job of wrapping everything up. Not only that, but we get to see Drew and Kate finally get married and it was everything I could have wanted and more. Seriously, don't let this book pass you by. Not only is this a must read book but a must read series. One of my favorites and I definitely plan on revisiting these books over and over again. I just can't say how much I loved this series.

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Review: The Jordan Collection by Jess Michaels

The Jordans Collection is comprised of Jess Michaels, writing as Jenna Petersen, three books; The Secrets of a Lady, The Temptation of a Gentleman, and The Desires of a Countess. As a series box set this is a really good collection of exciting Regency Romance. It follows the three siblings Aubrey, Noah, and Ginny Jordan. All three are easy reads and thoroughly enjoyable. I have to say I liked The Secrets of a Lady.

The Secrets of a Lady is Aubrey’s story. After embarrassing herself at the wedding of her brother’s best friend, Griffin Berenger, and the love of her life who views her as nothing but Noah’s little sister. Aubrey imbibes a little too much champagne and ends up spilling her guts to Griffin and kisses him only to be caught by his new wife. Aubrey’s reputation was ruined, courtesy of the new Mrs. Berenger, and her mother insists she marry and tries to arrange one with a boring squire. Aubrey talks her brother into letting her join him in his spy games for The Home Office. Five years or so later Aubrey is back in Griffin’s life and this time she and Noah are asking for a favor. They need to trap a vile man as he plans to kill the King but they need proof first, Aubrey is helping the best way she knows how and letting the vile man play court to her. Griffin doesn’t like it one bit, after that fateful kiss all he could think about was Aubrey. His wife was horrid and didn’t bother to hide her affairs. Aubrey still loves Griffin but tries to keep her distance because he is still in mourning. Through a series of entertaining events Aubrey and Griffin risk everything to be together.

The Temptation of a Gentleman, Noah’s story, is just like the first one. Noah is getting ready to retire from the spy business but he has one last favor to fulfill. He was asked if he could look in to the death of a friend’s goddaughter who lives not too far from his estate. Once there he discovers the widowed husband is already looking for a new young bride. Marion Hawthorne is basically being sold to the widower to pay off her father’s debts. Already suspicious of the man Marion is all for helping Noah to find out all the secrets. Noah has never met a girl like Marion and although he feels guilty for using her he needs her to help him discover the truth. But when plans go bad and Marion runs to Noah’s for help and ruins her reputation doing in the process Marion and Noah must marry, unless her father succeeds in kidnapping her first.

The Desires of a Countess, is Ginny’s first appearance. Just being mentioned in the past books as being the youngest daughter who did her family duty and married well, she distanced herself from the family as part of it. The other part of it was that the man she married turned out to be an utter bastard, verbally and physically abused Ginny and their son. Now months after his death her husband’s cousin is coming to check accounts and see what needs to be done as he is now in control of the money until Ginny’s son becomes of age. Simon Webber has no idea why he was picked to do this but he does it out of family obligation. The gorgeous jaded widow wasn’t what he expected and immediately wanted to protect her and her son and do right by her. When Ginny’s secret is threatened to be revealed Simon steps up and shows Ginny not every man is bad.

Ginny put me off at first being so jaded and closed-minded being purposely obtuse about Simon just for the sake to keep him at a distance, but Simon doesn’t give up easily and you end up seeing the likeable side of her toward the end of the book. Noah and Aubrey were more likable characters, Noah the lovable rake wanting to reform and Marion is just the sweet girl to do it. Aubrey knows her heart and sticks by her feelings even if she ends up broken hearted and Griffin after suffering with a heinous bitch deserves Aubrey’s unconditional love. This book set is a definite must own.

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